About Us

An Overview Of Our Manufacturing Company

Turning Your Concept Into a Product

We are a full-service manufacturing facility in rural Vermont. We specialize in modest volume machining, assembly, and product development. Our engineering department provides everything from R&D and product design to prototyping and production.


Our Capabilities

We Have a Variety of Equipment To Fulfill All Your Prototyping and Machining Needs

Our machining capabilities are both state of the art and reliable old school. Our engineers and machinists have been at this for decades. Our full-scale machine shop includes CNC Milling Machines and 3D printing with a Dimension SST and Prusa SL1.

We Can Work Offprints To Make Parts and Pieces

We have the skills to help cost reduce any project in all phases of design.

CAD Facilities, Sheet Metal Equipment, Welding, and Heat-Treating Equipment

We have a tooling division and can make anything from single units and prototypes to entire product lines.

We Currently Produce Three Different Product Lines

We ship our products worldwide, providing exceptional sales, service, and support. We have the ability to manage all aspects of the supply chain from source to end-user.