UW-6 Ultrasound Wattmeter

12 Volt Light Box


Measures total-pulsed or continuous-average power

Quickly and accurately takes power measurements

Accommodates a variety of transducer shapes

Large, easy to read Display

High Resolution -0.1W

Battery operated for greater portability

Easy drainage of the tank

Auto zero function

RS 232 Port for easy printing connection

Field Calibration check using weight standard

Compact, light weight, easy to carry

The UW 6 Digital Ultrasound Wattmeter is designed to provide an accurate means of verifying and calibrating the output of therapeutic ultrasound devices. The meter measures the ultrasound power output utilizing a state of the art microprocessor and strain gauge bridge transducer to provide quick, reliable readings.

The UW 6 Ultrasound Wattmeter is compact, simple to use, portable and ruggedly built. It can be powered by a 9 Volt alkaline battery or by using the AC adapter supplied with the unit. The unit features an auto zero function to help speed up operations. A calibration check weight is provided with the unit making it easy to verify calibration in the field. The UW-6 can now be purchased directly from Bowles Corporation or through any number of our distributors listed below.

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Measurement range
Input Power Level
Input Frequency
Accuracy, electrical
Zero Shift
Acceptable Transducer Size
Operating Temperature
Power Requirements
Battery Life
0.1 to 30 Watts
0 to 30 W
0.5 to 10 MHz
0.1 W
+/- .15 W (+/-.01 grams)
3% of reading .2 watts
Auto Zero button
Up to 6.7 cm (2.65") diameter
10 30 C (50 - 86 F)
9 V alkaline battery
Maximum of 10 hours
9 wide x 14 deep
7 (10 with Clamp Post)


The UW-6 Ulltrasound Wattmeter is the latest in a family of successful wattmeter products from Bowles Corp.

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